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Hello everyone and welcome to my Bicycle Sport website. Ever since I was a kid I craved the idea of having my own bike. At the age of twelve, I was riding my very first 18 speed bicycles.

Owning a bike gave me the opportunity to realize my many potentials. I was able to move around the neighborhood freely without any time constraint.

As time went by, I became solely dependent on my Bike in order to complete my daily activities. I was able to expedite all my errands without the fuss of walking far distances.

On the other hand, meeting up with my friends on weekends became much easier and convenient. Bike riding provided the opportunity of staying healthy and strong. This is why I would like to share my experience with those who are interested and for those who are still pondering on the ownership of a new Bike.


The story of my 18 speed Bicycle

Growing up as a teenager, I was confronted with several errands and responsibilities. Many of which had to be done by walking far distances. The acquisition of this Bike erased the fatigue and brought about a new meaning to errands.

Riding my bicycle on a daily bases provided that physical stamina required of any individual. My entire body structure felt genuinely stronger and healthier.

As a result of owning a Bike, I was able to join a martial arts class that was two miles away from my home and not worrying of commute or being late.

Most of all, it is a wonderful feeling when riding with the fresh air gliding across my body and both feet at work. The experience of riding up a hill and practically flying down is something to experience.


Time has changed

Many people around the world today use luxury transportation to navigate within their immediate neighborhood, simply because they don’t want to break a sweat.

These are the people who suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems and several other diseases.

It is necessary to maintain a healthy life by engaging in regular activities. Biking is an awesome means of exercise and it enables anyone to achieve the goal of being energetic and developing great stamina.


Making the right choice

IF you want to live a strong and healthy life, do incorporate biking in your daily lives. Every home should have a bicycle and every member should be encouraged to make full use of it.

Whether you are a man, woman or child, everyone should make biking a hobby and ultimately enjoy not only the benefits of riding, but the result of good health.

Finding the right bicycle is also an important factor. This is why we are here to provide the best choices to choose from.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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  1. Hello Josh. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I must say that you and me share the same interest. I love using a bike!!! If I can remember correctly, I have received my first bike back in Christmas of 1997. I loved my gift, and I have been biking ever since. Currently, I am a food deliverer for UBER, and I have to use my bike to get around town. I prefer a 21 speed road bike, as it is very fast, and I can get from point A to B with ease. Unfortunately, I had to purchase a few new bikes since there are tons of bike thieves in the city that I live in. But other than that, I enjoy what I do, I can ride around the city on my bike, and get all of the exercise that I need while doing it. A lot of people complain about using a bike, and would rather drive their cars, but I am totally different from the crowd. I like the idea of your website, and I hope you work hard to get your business out there!!!

    Best Regards,


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